*NEW* Lethal (CD)
Moccasin Creek

*NEW* Lethal (CD)

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Coming August 18th: "Lethal", the NEW album from Moccasin Creek. This album has features from fan favorites such as Moonshine Bandits, Haystak, Hard Target, etc.


1. Down South (Feat: Haystak)
2. What She's Got (Feat: Burn County)
3. Don't Give a Damn 
4. Take it Back (Feat: Ronnie Davis)
5. Something (Feat: Eric Erdman & Sonny Bama)
6. Watch This (Feat: Tommy Chayne & Hard Target)
7. Old Man (Feat: Bunky Norvell & Ronnie Davis)
8. My Way (Feat: Cypress Spring, Young Sullivan & Ronnie Davis)
9. Livin (Feat: Ronnie Davis)
10. Lethal (Feat: Mr. Sneed
11. Gasoline (Feat: Hard Target)
12. Stranded (Feat: Hard Target)
13. No Good (Feat: The Moonshine Bandits & Hard Target)
14. Monsters (Feat: Daphne McCool)

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